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How To Change The Font Of Any Android Phone Without Rooting.

Author Topic: How To Change The Font Of Any Android Phone Without Rooting.  (Read 1692 times)

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Changing the designs and looks of our phone have always been the dream of every Android user.
You see, Sometimes we get bored with the way our phone/device looks. Especially if they're running on stock ROMs.

This stock ROMs doesn't come with great features or apps which could be used to improve the looks of our device.

Although phones like Samsung and other high end smartphones do come with impressive features in the stock ROM.

Like changing of FONTS.

Many people in one way or the other have accidentally BRICKED (Your phone stuck in Logo when switched on) their device.
Installing custom fonts  is somehow very dangerous to some phones, and yet again other phones installs it with ease. Most bricked

Tecno m3 devices where cause by FONTS.Nk

Yes, you can install different kinds of fonts without rooting , tweaking or tempering with your phones heart(ROM). With the help of some special android launchers (Themes) like Go launcher or ADW launcher, You can install different kinds of superb fonts in your phone and make it look awesome.

How to install fonts using Go launcher:

To install and use Go launcher fonts, just follow the steps below.
1. Download Go-launcher-ex here
2. Install and launch it.
3. Select Go launcher as your preferred launcher and click always.
4. On your home screen, tap the left or right button on your phone(depending on which displays the menu option)
5. Click preference >>> Generally >>> Fonts >>> Scan fonts.
6. Allow you phone to scan and display the Go launcher fonts and phone fonts.
7. Select your desired fonts and tap OK.

The aim of this topic is to enable those who don't like rooting their phone , or those who can't afford to risk their precious phone to enjoy the benefit of changing their fonts to different style that will suit their demand. Some people have big fingers and you know the fonts in phones are always small.  This tutorial will enable those with big fingers change their font to bigger size, so operating their phone will be pretty easy.

Assuming the fonts you see didn't satisfy your taste.
You can download.  more fonts here


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