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Many people would love to hide offline or invisibe on whatsapp
for one reason or the other, because whatsapp does not provide this feature,
we have found an alternative way to hide offline or to become invisible
on whatsapp and still read all your new messages without others knowing

Whatsapp messenger has estimated over 500m users globally and handles over 20 billion messages in a single day, Therefore this has caused drastically a drop in Short messaging system(sms) . Whatsapp messenger still remains the best instant messaging system and also sharing of media files all for free.

Follow the steps below to Appear Invisible or Offline on Whatsapp

 Download 'Whatshadow' from
Google play store here (

WhatShadow is a very cool android application that allows you to appear invisible/Offline on Whatsapp. You can still read all your Whatsapp messages while being invisible without anybody knowing or discovering it.

This app comes with a 7Days Trial Version and a Paid, you can always get the paid Version after the Trial version expires, Google could get you a paid Version for free though.

Whatshadow uses an airplane mode trick,in which it disconnects every friend or contact that you don't want, That way they will only see "last seen onů" Instead of real status message "online". Technically, it also disables the WiFi and 3G while you are using your Whatsapp.

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After you've installed WhatShadow, open Whatsapp and you would see that the whatshadow app is already integrated with a red icon. You can even switch between red and green icons. When the icon is set to red, it means you are invisible. When you set it to green, you become very much visible.

While you are invisible, no messages will be delivered or received, When you go outside from Whatsapp, your WiFi and data connections are turned back on again and messages will be delivered and received simple as that