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Google creates 2 new Voice assistant. Allo and Duo

Author Topic: Google creates 2 new Voice assistant. Allo and Duo  (Read 1542 times)

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Google creates 2 new Voice assistant. Allo and Duo
« on: May 21, 2016, 10:48:14 PM »

Well recently, traditions in thech world has increased, different brand bringing ace to the table, and now its Google again.

During the product demo, we were shown Google Assistant looking up movie listings as well as processing phrases like "is that any good?" to find reviews or a trailer – the point being that it uses conversational cues.
Google wants to put Assistant in its wearables, Android in-car as well as in phones. Expect it in Google Chrome, too.

You can chat one-on-one with the assistant, or call on Google in a group chat with friends – so you can ask if your flight is delayed using natural language.

To begin with, we start with the Allo


In simple terms - Allo is the text-based messaging app, and users will need to sign in with their mobile number to use it. Similar to what we do with WhatsApp or Snapchat or Telegram when starting an account.

Allo is a smart messaging app based on your phone number. It’s designed to make your conversations easier.
There’s a Smart Reply feature similar to Google Inbox so you can respond to messages without typing a word. And, of course, it learns the more you reply to. And you can use emojis and stickers, too.

Google Assistant lets you bring things like Search, Maps, YouTube and Translate to all your conversations in in Allo. If it’s a group chat, your mates will see the results, too.

There’s also an Incognito mode in Allo. Chats in Incognito mode will have end-to-end encryption like WhatsApp and discreet notifications.


Duo is one-to-one video calling for Android or iOS and can work on a variety of fast and slow internet connections – although the quality only goes up to 720p HD.

Again it’s based on your phone number, allowing you to reach anyone in your phonebook. The apps seamlessly transitions calls between cellular and Wi-Fi.

Knock Knock, shows you a live video preview of the caller before you answer the call. So you can see what kind of mood they’re in when they’re calling!

You might say the Hangout doesbthe same. While check this out :
Agreed Google's Hangouts app does video calling already. However, Hangouts may become more business-focused for Google Apps users and is for groups while Duo is one-to-one only. Again, both Duo and Allo are like WhatsApp in that they work based on your phone number rather than your login (although we bet it asks for that, too).

That's the latest trend on Google. Stay online for more info.


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